SD Digital Satellite Receiver Features HotCake HotCake New 2012! Receiver with Universal Ultra-CAS card reader. HotCake - is a versatile multi-provayderny receiver works perfectly with the official (and not necessarily official) maps of many broadcasters. The previously impossible price. Key Features: DVB-S receiver with a sensitive and nimble tuner Universal Ultra-CAS card reader for most cards on the market (including even the tree-map) excellent image quality!

Quick and convenient to use, easy to use and intuitive - instructions included in the kit, you probably will not need a light automatic scanning popular broadcasters all scans, including "blind search» (Blind Scan) unique (there is only on this model) "Scan the map subscription" work with DiSEqC-protocol: 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, fast channel switching mode PAL / NTSC TV Guide and TV shows for the week ahead RS-232 port for connection to a computer, etc., and copying the software from receiver to receiver cable is very low power consumption even lower price Now everything in detail. The unique card reader built UltraCAS allows: surely activate the card to get new subscriptions and the keys on the map to view the available subscription Works with most cards Wee, Il Co., and other Dre.

Starting with the activation and including renewals. Search for channels in the receiver lies entirely new, aids quick installation function "find channels on the map." This means that already during the scanning frequency, the unit intelligently selects only the necessary channels for the card! The function can be run simultaneously with the "blind scan". Now it is finally done away with the confusion similarly named channels Tricolor and NTV-Plus! Now ... do not need the internet to know what frequencies and channels to be entered for the strawberry subscriptions Hotbird (and there is a tendency to frequent change of frequency) - you do not know the frequency, easy to get a list of channels that your card is able to open, and only their favorite list channel provider is generated automatically.

Edit the list and delete unwanted channels after scanning is reduced to a minimum. But that's not all! To ease the added function of the satellite reception and display name of the network provider. This allows you to instantly idetifitsirovat signal and decide on further actions to configure the antenna. An important advantage can be considered and excellent receiver sensitivity. The receiver is very nimble and responsive scale quality of the received signal with a wide range of values. Receiver input is protected against overload and accidental short circuit in the cable to the antenna. Supports all types of DiSEqC-switches and motors.

All this eliminates the need for special equipment and access the wizard to configure the antenna. Working with maps receiver tested and showed a solid performance with the following cards Providers Tricolor (maps Dre1, Dre2 and Dre3) NTV-Plus (cards without bindings) Raduga TV Accessories Orion Express Xtra TV all the cards now in circulation on erotica with BISS-Hotbird Keys to a successful realization of the receiver built-BISS-encoding. Each channel in the channel editor can be put to conformity BISS-key, resulting in the immediate appearance of the image. An internet search revealed that there are alternative patched firmware to the receiver.

Usability speed turn on the receiver is surprising! Since the connection to the grid and to the appearance of the image on the screen is just one second! (The manual says that the receiver is the current world record.) Implemented and other "delights" and "goodies" that we will not describe here, but check for yourself - they make use of the more pleasant and guard your nerves, eyes, and ears. (Describe pointless, just check yourself.) In the receiver correctly implemented complete electronic TV guide for the week (EPG). When viewing the list of channels and enhanced displays additional information about the current and next program.

A simple, intuitive menu while delivering maximum functionality! High speed switching channels and navigate the menues. There are "pseudo-satellites", so that you can otskanivat, say, only the frequency of the Rainbow, only the frequency of NTV + and Tricolor only frequency, but nothing more in the channel list will not be recorded. You can copy the firmware and settings from the receiver to the receiver via Comporta. The appearance and the Dreambox has memorable design and petite size. Its glossy black finish looks more expensive than the price for which the receiver is sold. On the front - channel and inclusion. Slot card reader located on the side, which made such a compact receiver. Case dimensions 160h100h50 mm receiver, if desired, can be positioned either horizontally or vertically and place. But this is not all.

Many customers have appreciated the fact that the receiver can be attached directly to the wall (fixings provided screws to any vertical surface), which is very useful when the client does not want to clutter the space and wanted to "hide" the receiver right behind her on the wall panel. Now it is possible, and tests in our office showed that specially designed housing and a control (on the remote more below) - make it possible to reliably operate the receiver without a remote IR sensor. Console should also be said about the remote. Compact. Simple. Functional.

The console design and good location of IR LED on the receiver allow you to change channels from virtually anywhere in the room, holding the remote at different angles and even sending it to the receiver! Power supply and the economy The receiver minimum energy consumption, even with a long clock work - it is unlikely you will be able to "warm up" from the receiver or the power supply. (Use an external power supply, which makes it necessary for the replacement / repair work of a few seconds.) Cost Yet perhaps the most important advantage of the receiver - is its price! Incredibly low price! Since this is a new receiver on the market, most likely, the price will be a factor that will draw attention to the receiver. And then the customers will appreciate its functional simplicity and convenience.

After all, the absolute price and "price / quality" - no competition. he really "afford" even the smallest budget for the purchase of such receivers can be placed in all the rooms! finally, you can afford "not to divide the TV" with children, mother-wife :) And, we should note that this price is not reached, "circumcision" configuration, and through innovation and innovative technical solutions. First, the processor used AT1511S - not the most famous, but inexpensive, and smart. And while none of the competitors on this chip could not do anything like that (if it is the receiver on the market - the FTA), then the team HotCake - has turned the world's first full-featured receiver with Ultra-CAS card slot on this chip.

Second, we found on board a special chip own HotCake - it is obvious that it has its own specific functionality, which makes a special receiver (yet their chips of receivers we've seen except that only some of the most famous Korean companies). And on some of the technical details - such as, for example, the presence of short-circuit protection in the cable and a wide angle with the remote control - the receiver, on the contrary, is ahead of the competition. Disadvantages It's too good to be true? There must be drawbacks. First, of course, is that the receiver - only SD and MPEG-2, which is understandable in its price class. Second - this is what the settings menus, scan, and so on - are made in a minimalist style, do not expect there moving icons and True-Color. They are pretty minimal, but that does not change the functionality.

Third, is the fact that there is no function in the receiver and teletext subtitles. Moreover, the manufacturer has promised us that the latest softah it will be implemented. But, if you essentially subtitles on some of Europe's canals, for a 100% guarantee - wait for update of software, because at the time of publication (January 2012, software from 12/29/2011) - no subtitles. The fourth drawback - low price. How can that be a disadvantage? And that's it! This may not be a disadvantage in terms of customers, but in terms of the competition - easily. And is beginning to appear on the Internet forums trumped-up "comparison" and all that jazz. This receiver to inexpensively enter the world of satellite TV to put it to the country, to put them in a few different rooms. To appreciate the unique features of the "scan the map." To small, smart, did not take place. And comfortable.

And all we have to show it. Try it: see how it scans the channels, listen to him play music channels, take it on board and ponazhimayte button to test the functionality. And you will develop your own (and thus, the only correct) opinion of him. And the price - quite suitable for this. Working with maps and undocumented features for Viaccess card reader Multi card reader for Irdeto Universal card reader for Conax Universal Number of slots for modules (CI) No card reader Allcam / MultiCAS (nelitsenz.)

There is a quality emulator emulators Good Bowl (where permitted) No receiver configuration Ease of use (menu control) Very good 2 Tuner PIP No No Do modulator RCA-composite (tulips) There are no SCART S-video output No No HDMI output No Component Component Quality There is no digital audio output of the USB 2.0 No No No Ethernet 0 / 12 V No Memory Size (channels) 5000 EPG for the week there are no built-in subtitles games No Ruz. There are instructions menu Yes Color Black LED Is.

Channel - satellite TV, Radio channel

Position - position of satellites on orbit

Frequency - the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time

Band - electromagnetic spectrum, C band( 4 to 8 GHz), Ku band (11.2 GHz to 14.5 GHz)

SR - simbol rate, modulation rate

FEC - forward error correction, channel coding

Encryption - encrypted or free to air (FTA)

New technology and advanced equipment due to the rapid scientific and technological progress are developing strides to become more accessible and provide an opportunity to use satellite TV to almost everyone. Today, viewers have no desire to see flabby uninteresting picture on the TV, they want more interesting and informative programs, movies and sports. All this can provide satellite TV. To connect to the satellite TV needs a set of equipment consisting of an antenna, satellite receiver (receiver), converter, cable, fasteners ...

Satellite receiver - is the most important instrument of the entire set to receive satellite television. There are two types of satellite receivers:
Receivers that work with standard definition channels SD (most channels);
Receivers that work with standard channels and HD resolution of HDTV.



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